Sunday, June 29, 2008

New stuff for book-worms and couch potatoes

This summer, Circos brings us two nice features, Books and Movies.

I seldom do leisure reading apart from text books and papers.

But when I feel like reading, I like to read mystery & thriller books that are described as powerful and magic in most of my spare time. I was once a hard-core game player, such as warcraft and starcraft, I got so deep into them and even I kinda like to read books described as games, exciting, magic and power. I found some of them are really well-written as compared to those sorely sci-fi and fantasic books.

There is another reason for me to read up now. In a few months time, we are getting married.
GG and I are looking for places for honey moon, I think Circos should be a good place for reference, e.g. I found a few travel books described romantic and scenes, and some other about travel books described as holiday-books. We will definitely go through them to get some ideas.

As a cooking lover, I am looking for cooking books described as exciting so that I can juice up my receipe database.

Lately, we've been exteremly busy with our new flat and stuffs. We missed a lot of weekends with great movies. With Circos, we can easily find some interesting movies to make up our "movie thirst". Here is our schedule. As a start, we would like Hilarious comedies with great scripts and pleasure. Then maybe we should watch some fast paced sci-fi & fantasic with special features.
Next, for myself, I will get some intriguing anime and mange with subtitle and sequels; for her, I will choose some lovely and funny animation movies with animals. Finally, we love musical too, here is our choices, original and classic music video and concerts with Jazz.

Wish you all have a wonder summer!

We will have a fully-scheduled summer this year.