Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bumping into the search engine indudstry

Well, I finally left (or almost left) the school and join the work force in the industry.

I am not in google, instead, I am with Circos.

Circos is a "me-centric" search engine.
Circos allows people to ask
  • "what is other who is like me looking for?"
  • "I am looking for stuff, I have these preference, what shall I read? where I shall find them?

I made some test search in the following,

  1. Affordable hotels with internet access located in Charleston
  2. restaurants serving yummy steak located in Charleston
  3. Convenient hotels with internet access in Freiburg im Breisgau, Gemrany
  4. Vegetarian restaurant that serves Italian food in St. Helena
  5. Relaxing hotel with internet access in Guangzhou, China
  6. Beautiful hotel with views in Fussen, Germany
  7. Fun hotel with views in Shenzhen, China
  8. Incredible restaurant with ambience in Haines City, FL
  9. Clean hotel with restaurants in Kyongju, Republic of Korea
  10. Affordable hotel with wifi in Copenhagen, Denmark

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